foto_brunicoThis is my inaugural post and I am very excited.  I have an upcoming trip to Hong Kong and Singapore and am having a blast learning about these two cosmopolitan cities.  I’ve gotten a wealth of suggestions on sites and restaurants to seek out.

I am very lucky to have a college roommate offer to show me the sites in Singapore.  Nothing beats having a local show you around – the forthcoming insights are amazing.  (I remember showing this young Singapore girl college life in Iowa- what an experience that was!)  Our adventures cemented a lifelong friendship.

I am taking my sister with me, and this trip is her first abroad, so it will be interesting hearing her perspective on what we encounter.  She is endeavoring to learn rudimentary Chinese with her Ipod Touch – Somehow, I don’t feel safe having her ordering my dim sum in Hong Kong.

When I travel, I try to visit the markets and grocery stores.  Not only so I can return with all sorts of goodies, but to check out what foods the locals eat.  I bet I’ll find some unique items on this trip.  I find this experimentation much improved if I can add a cooking class to the iterary.

On my last trip, which happened to be to Slovakia, upon visiting the grocery stores, I returned with tubes of wonderful spices and condiments that I enjoyed using swith varying  degrees of success.  And no, I did not necessarily know what I was purchasing, sometimes half the fun is trying to figure that out when I get home.

Speaking of cooking classes, In Mexico, I  had a great Yucatan cooking class at Los Dos Cooking School  in Merida, and a highlight for me was a trip to the nearby market to collect the ingredients for among other things the recardo rojo for the lomo de cerdo estilo cochinita pibil we prepared for dinner.  I took my husband back to the market the next day to buy the ingredients to take home and have enjoyed making this Yucatan classic ever since.

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